Trainity was established to holistically address the knowledge gap in employees, customers, organisations and individuals as a result of the convergence between the Telecommunications and IT industries

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Training is an essential part of any organisation's human management and skills development strategy. In the past, training was often regarded as an unnecessary luxury by many organisations, but the implementation of the Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies Act, Employment Equity Act, Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and the National Qualifications Framework by the South African government has slowly but surely started to change this perception. Organisations are now encouraged, rewarded and recognised for skills development initiatives. But training offers more than mere legal compliance and financial benefits:

Trainity provides customised training solutions to a vast array of organisations, with particular emphasis on the Telecommunications industry. However, in line with the company's vision to assist organisations and individuals to 'get their message across', no training project is too small, or irrelevant. Cost effective solutions are proposed, negotiated and discussed to suit your needs.

Too many of our people are not receiving the training and upliftment they need because of the unrealistic prices charged by Training Providers.

Let Trainity help you implement the most affordable training plan to suit your unique requirements